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Mombasa Direct Call to Europe

Wed, Mar 07, 2018
WEC now offers the most reliable service in the market

Commodity traders - especially the ones dealing with sensitive goods like cocoa or coffee - are enthusiastic about the changes in the WEC East Africa service. The direct link eliminates the risk of delays in transshipment and reduces the transit time. Therefore cargo arrives in better condition at destination, with fewer damages from humidity and less exposure to extreme temperatures.

By beginning of March, the connection from Le Havre, Antwerp, Fos to Mombasa and vice versa is new on direct sailings with 8 vessels deployed in this service.

Here the northbound service which will phase in during April:

  Vessel   Mombasa   Sines   Le Havre   Antwerp
  MSC Sariska   03/04   19/04   22/04   24/04
  MSC Vidhi   10/04   26/04   29/04   01/05
  MSC Fiametta   17/04   03/05   06/05   08/05

Southbound schedule as follows:

  Vessel   Le Havre   Antwerp   Fos   Mombasa
  MSC Sariska   27/02   02/03   07/03   29/03
  MSC Vidhi   06/03   08/03   14/03   05/04
  MSC Fiametta   12/03   14/03   21/03   12/04

Your commodity specialists at Ozean will be glad to assist you with any further information you may require.